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Poddities Podcast

Poddities Podcast is a podcast where we take user submitted podcast ideas and turn them into podcasts.

May 10, 2019

Here Is the horse episode everyone has been waiting for. We FINALLY meet the most important character in this entire DND podcast! Clopheim!

Hellabore reunites with Drift. Clopheim is the best of horses. Horseboys unite! Widget also has a day on the town.  


Bi-Monthly DND 5e Podcast.


Dicebags,Poddities, and The Not...

Apr 26, 2019

Hot Jesus have we got an action packed episode for you. We welcome special guest Liz Robinson as she assumes the role of Joan Adler The Tejas Hammer.

Hellabore finally returns to the group just in time to come face to face with her greatest foe, a sleeping Drift, and a extremely hyper Sundar and Clodheim




Apr 12, 2019


Join Sundar, Drift, Hellabore,and Clodheim as they experience a little thing called puberty... I mean. Leveling up. It's a natural thing. I promise. It'll be okay. When adventurers slay a lot of beasts they gain enough experience and they go...

Mar 29, 2019

Join Sundar, Drift, Hellabore,and Clodheim as they wrap up their adventures in Flower Mound. But what's that chill in the air? What obligations do we find ourselves in deals, negotiations, and bonds? Who do we hold allegiance to? 

A cute old pupper...

Mar 15, 2019


Join Sundar, Drift, Hellabore,and Clodheim as they go down to the bottom of the tower. It's full of all sorts of dangerous and dark creatures. And a cute old puppers. What a good boy he is. Has Hellabore's patron abandoned her? Will Sundar ever stop...