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Poddities Podcast

Poddities Podcast is a podcast where we take user submitted podcast ideas and turn them into podcasts.

Feb 1, 2019

New Dicebags! Give it a listen! This is the perfect time to jump in on the podcast!


Hellabore diary entry #4.


Uhhhh... hey diary. It's me. Hellabore. Totally normal to say my name in my personal diary entry. So I got put with a team, and we like... graduated I guess. They're all kinda cool. We're headed to Flower Mound, a village of halflings, to take on quests and stuff and get some money for the guild. The pressure to be like a hero and stuff is kinda crazy. It's not all being brave and defeating badass foes but sometimes just taking down lame people. I haven't seen Pretty Boy Patron in like, I dunno, a really freakin long time, but I know he doesn't care if I get hurt or whatever so its like NBD. I may have written some words. It's not about anyone or anything.

Sometimes I get the feeling he's watching over me

And other times I feel like I should go

And through it all, the rise and fall, the snow in the forest

And when you're gone, I want you all to know

I'll carry on


Bi-Monthly DND 5e Podcast. Join us. It's going well. 


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